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30 Simple Ways To Get Fit This New Year

30 Simple Ways To Get Fit This New Year

30 Simple Ways To Get Fit This New Year

It’s New Year already and there is no better time to keep fit than now.

Perhaps you’ve made several resolutions every New Year on how you’d become fit that year, and here you are in another year, yet to fulfil this desire you yearn for.

And who would blame you; with all the daily demands of life, it can be challenging to find time to get fit.

We realise this challenge and have come up with 50 simple workouts that you can incorporate into your daily life and watch yourself become fit effortlessly.

The best part is that you don’t require any gym equipment to get it done.

Feel free to do all or choose the ones that you prefer the most:

1 Ditch the elevator and choose the stairs

2 Walk to work or take the bus and stop some blocks away from the office.

3 Consider getting a dog and take a walk with the dog

4 Pullup bars come in handy when installed in the doorway, think about getting one

5 Register for a yoga class so your body and soul can get rid of all the stress and fat

6 Mow the lawn and save some money while at it

7 Get on the floor and play around with the kids

8 Ditch grocery cart for hand basket when next you’re at the mall

9 Intentionally leave your phone upstairs so that you’ll have a reason to climb the stairs

10 Jump rope for one to two minutes before heading for breakfast

11 Position your treadmill in front of the TV and jog on it during commercials

12 Buy a new sportswear and shoe to serve as a source of inspiration

13 Download a new workout tracklist

14 Curl a bottle of water in both hands and count up to 50 before drinking from it

15 Download a workout app

16 Tuck in your abs and hold your breath for 30 seconds while waiting in lines

17 Do 20 squats at every chance you get

18 Stretch for one minute

19 Have sex for at least 3 times a week with your spouse (try to stay on top most of the time)

20 During break time, designate 10 minutes to short workout (encourage others to join you)

21 When travelling, pack resistance band and jump rope in your bag

22 Check out free introductory work out classes in your neighbourhood

23 Volunteer to coach your kid’s basketball team

24 Give your floors a good one-hour mopping

25 While taking the stairs, take it two at a time

26 Do lunges while in the kitchen cooking or walking about in the house

27 Do 20 jumping jacks each time you get to stand

28 Turn your weekend outings to family and friend beach volleyball

29 Try bicep curls when taking out the trash

30 Get down from the bus some blocks to your house and walk the rest

And there you have it. These 30 workouts are not only convenient but also very easy to do. You can start small and build your resistance level. You will be amazed at how you will look in just a week.

So, do you think these steps will help your weight loss and fitness goals this 2018?

Let’s take the discussion to the comment section.


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