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Buhari – Why I’m Slow In Making Decisions… Denies Being Tribalistic

President Muhammadu Buhari

Buhari – Why I’m Slow In Making Decisions… Denies Being Tribalistic

Buhari – Why I’m Slow In Making Decisions… Denies Being Tribalistic


President Muhammadu Buhari has explained that the reason he is slow in reaching decisions is to avoid making reckless mistakes that he would live to regret.

The president who said this late Thursday night when he hosted Chieftains of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to dinner at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, said that he made radical decisions when he was young and did not want to repeat the same mistakes.

He said: “I keep telling people that while I was in uniform, quite reckless and young, I got all the ministers and governors, and put them in Kirikiri. I said they were guilty until they could prove their innocence. I was also detained too.”

He said that since coming to office as the Democratic President of Nigeria, he decided that he was not going to use the same strategy he used as a military leader.

“I decided to drop the uniform and come back. Eventually, I am here. So really, I have gone through it over and over again…this is why I am not in a hurry virtually to do anything. I will sit and reflect and continue with my clear conscience,” he noted.

On the accusation that he is tribalistic, the president denied the accusation saying that he favours people from the South East even though he got very few votes from the region.

“There is something that hit me very hard and I am happy I hit it back at somebody. Seven states of the North are only represented in my cabinet by junior ministers, ministers of state. In South East, I got 198,000 votes but I have four substantive ministers and seven junior ministers from there.” Buhari said.

He advised his party chieftains to disregard any comment that is meant to display him in a bad light in the area of favouring only the Northern part of the country.

He said: “You are closer to the people than myself now that I have been locked up here, don’t allow anybody to talk about ethnicity. It is not true.”

The president pointed out that during his struggles to become the President of Nigeria, he worked with people from different ethnic groups and religious affiliations.


He recalled, “There is one thing that disabused my mind in a dispassionate way about ethnicity and religion across the country. You know that tribunal for presidential election started at High Court of Appeal. The President was my classmate. I missed only four of the court sittings.”

He noted that a man from the Eastern part of the country was his legal leader at the time.

“For that first phase, 2003, we were in court for 30 months. My legal leader was Chief Ahamba (SAN), an Igbo man. He asked the panel of judges to direct INEC to produce the voters register to prove that the election was done underground. When they came to write the judgment, they completely omitted that. Another Igbo man, a Roman Catholic, in the panel of judges wrote a minority report,” he said.

Continuing, the president said: “I went to the Supreme Court. Who was the Chief Justice? A Hausa Fulani, a Muslim from Zaria. After 27 months, Ahamba presented our case for two hours and 45 minutes. The Chief Justice got up and said they were going on break and when they returned the following day, they will deliver the judgment. They went away for three months. That was what made it 30 months. And when they came back, they discussed my case within 45 minutes.”

“In 2007, who was the Chief Justice? A Muslim from Niger State. The third one (in 2011), who was the Chief Justice? My neighbour from Jigawa State. The same religion and the same tribe.”

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