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What The Wedding Party 2 taught us about relationships

The Wedding Party 2

What The Wedding Party 2 taught us about relationships

The Wedding Party 2

What The Wedding Party 2 taught us about relationships

The biggest film in Nigeria is packed with valuable love lessons


what the wedding party 2 taught us about relationships

The Wedding Party 2 had the biggest debut of any other film pulling in a whopping N20m the night it opened but as well as entertaining us, we learnt some useful lessons about love, relationships and marriage.

To call it one of the biggest films in Nigeria is an understatement. Audiences were thoroughly entertained by the antics of the group who headed to Dubai for their latest adventure.

After watching Dozie (Banky W) and Dunni (Adesua Etomi) ride off into the sunset together after a calamitous wedding day, the second film opens with Deirdre (Dunni’s BFF) and Nonso (Dozie’s brother) who have been dating for 6 months.

We are then taken on a roller-coaster of emotion as the film progresses and as well as keeping us enthralled, the film holds some valuable lessons that real-life couples could benefit from

Warning: spoilers ahead

Honesty is the best policy

The film opens with Deirdre and Nonso on a romantic date at a fancy restaurant in Dubai. Deirdre, judging by the special date, is convinced that Nonso is going to propose and after a series of unfortunate events, he does…sort of. Whilst Nonso did not want to break Deirdre ‘s heart by revealing he indeed proposed by accident, it would have been the best thing to do at the time because before he knew it, he was caught up in a web of lies and planning a wedding he was not sure he was ready for.

It is important that when making big decisions or trying to take a relationship to the next step, couples make a special effort to communicate with each other. Make sure you and your partner are on the right page about what stage in the relationship you are at and that won’t leave room for any nasty surprises.

Although it all worked out in the end for Deirdre and Nonso, you and your significant other may not be so lucky.

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Love always wins

After all the drama of Dubai, Deirdre and Nonso find themselves fighting and the wedding plans hanging in the balance. Although no-one would blame them if they parted ways, their friends recognised that even though things do not go as planned, does not mean that they are not meant to be and the group sceptic, Yemisi, takes it upon herself alongside the resident player, Sola, to reunite the couple.

Life is hard and there are always curve balls waiting around the corner but a couple who truly loves each other will be able to face it and get through it together. Love alone is not always enough but a relationship with a solid foundation, respect and trust topped with love, is almost unbreakable.

Make sure you let your significant another know just how much they mean to you because though we may feel it, we don’t always say it.

It’s OK to have doubtsImage result for The Wedding Party 2

Being in a serious relationship and choosing to marry a person is a big commitment. Both Deirdre and Nonso expressed to their respective friends that they were having doubts about getting married. Both worried that their relationship was too new and that marriage might be too big of a step.

Expressing doubts about something is a perfectly normal human reaction. As human beings, we are given the tools to question and not take everything at face value. When making a big decision that affects your future, embrace the doubts because it may be your mind trying to tell you something.

When entering a marriage, do not be afraid to share any doubts with your partner. In a lot of cases, they might be having the very same doubts. If anything, sharing how you are feeling with your partner opens up the opportunity for an honest dialogue about your relationship and chances are you will be stronger for it.

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